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Thumbs up Re: HURRY UP, ORVIS 50% sale on Battenkill Bar Stock Reels this weekend only

Originally Posted by romanl View Post
im going to guess its for US only. since you said it yoruself u guys have 35% offer.
if you have friends in US, you can always paypal them and ask them to buy it for you. but it might not be worth the extra trouble if it gets stuck in customs.
tip: to increase your chances of not being stuck in customs, send it via FedEx fastest delivery option (overnight might be too expensive, but 2 day?) mark as b-day gift/personal item, etc. with express packages, there are so many of them that customs mostly lets them through and concentrates on larger/slower delivery option boxes/parcels. (i know this from experience, i ship for my work globally alot)
romanl - great advice. Thanks! We have some friends coming over from NJ later this year. Looks as if they might be bringing a really neat present!
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