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Default Re: alternate fly tying materials

Originally Posted by sandfly View Post
And you all wonder why there are no fly shops left (mom & pop)..
Thanks for the thought Sandfly.

The idea however, works both ways, does it not?

One may wonder why there are "no fly shops left" and at the same time,
wonder why there are not more "fly-fishermen".

If it is considered that the cost of financing a hobby ever served as a barrier to participation, then certainly, the cost of materials for fly-tying may be regarded as a critical obstacle.

We might consider that developing more Fly Tiers, by making it affordable, would as a natural consequence, create more eventual customers for those (mom & pop) fly shops. I don't think any Fly Tier obtains materials exclusively from thrift stores, box stores, or other sources. Everyone goes to the fly shop.

I am reminded that I used to be told; "Necessity is the Mother of Invention".

Welcome to the world of Fly Crying
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