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Originally Posted by rickf View Post
The new technology is "Sonic seam" by Orvis. They are melted together and not a stitch in the whole wader!

I got a pair. The stocking foot is shaped like a foot and is so easy to get on and off. A little pricey, at $259, but I think they are worth every penny.

PS - I have nothing to do with Orvis..... I don't get a kickback? I just think these are the best waders, and I think these will last me a very long time!
No stitches? Very cool. I'll have to check them out. Not that it'll solve all problems. Last Fall my father and I were fishing and waded across a shallow spot in the river and halfway across he shouts like he's startled! Turns out he sat on a rock or log earlier and it totally ripped a giant hole across the backside of his waders. He had 40 F Degree water pouring into his waders! So yeah, no stitches may help unless you just sit on a sharp rock or log.
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