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Default Re: Which New Wading Boot?

This one kind of thread that keeping it going is helpful. Ard's original post was 2 1/2 years ago. I haven't looked at the middle of the post, so I don't know what kind of boots he bought. I have some opinions that I'll share. I've owned a number of different kinds of boots over the years. First, a lot of boots are way too narrow which leads to cold, cramped feet. These are easy to spot just by looking, so unless you have very narrow feet, stay away. Second, rubber soles are the eco-friendly way to go, but I've never found a pair of them that could handle the "greased bowling ball" rivers west of the Mississippi. So having or adding studs is important. This year, I'll be carrying two pair most of the time, one with and one without studs. I'll use the studs when I'm not in the boat unless I have the guides permission to wear them in the boat. Recent experience in the Sandy River convinced me that the boat can't be the final call. Finally, the lacing system is an interesting issue. I had a pair of boots with the easy lace system and I like that a lot, but the boot was too small for me and I had a lot of cold feet when I wore it.
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