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Default Swift River Massachusetts

Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post
US Fish and Wildlife sponsors a free Cinder Worm Workshop at the Ninigret Refuge every May.
2 nights of instruction and tying and one night fishing.
Pre-registration is mandatory
I think that's him. So went to the swift today and it ended up being a waste. Once again the weathermen suck. They said it was going to be a high today of around 50. They never said it was going to be 30 with 40 mph winds which made unbearable basically. The y pool to the governor's pool was still frozen and the wind coming off the dam made it almost impossible to cast. I had gone to ll bean in Dedham the day before to get some new waders since mine had a leak in them and I also picked up another pair of emerges for my buddy. Basically I'm done with ll bean. My buddies waders leaked instantly and he was out of the water in 20 mins he was just too cold. I know the emerges for $160 are on the cheaper end but c'mon. And the leak was in the boot. I used to praise ll bean for their service, warranty, and products but I have seen a drastic change in the past few years. Even the main branch in Freeport has been suspect. Last time I was there it took me almost an hour to find someone to help me in the hunting section. So all in all going to wait for weather to get warmer to head back. Also it looked like there was way less fish there. Usually you can still spot them every where no matter how cold. Only saw 1 at y pool and a few up by bubbler pool.
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