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Default The Amazing Gloomis Venture 3 Fly Reel???

Hi Guys
I purchased two Gloomis Ventures 3 fly reels last year and really didnít know what I had until I actually got them in the mail. The description never mentioned how fast one can retrieve line back on the reel spool. In other words one can spin the reel face and take up large amounts of fly line at your feet in a matter of seconds. This one function just blew me away, because I have always had to retrieve the line on my fly reels using the handle on the reel which takes much more time as oppose to the free spool which is what I call this feature on this reel. This reel is extremely light and the Venture 3 is for line weight ĺ--this reel is no longer made by Gloomis, why I donít know. Does anyone know of any other fly reel with this feature and has anyone ever used a fly reel other than this brand that has this feature.
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