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Default Re: Wet Fly Rod?

Are you looking to purchase a rod as a specialized wet fly rod? While I fish soft hackles as much as the next guy, the idea of setting aside an outfit exclusively for soft hackles, never occured to me. I suppose it's as good a reason to purchase a new outfit as any other though,lol.
Personally, if I'm tying on a soft hackle, it's a better than even chance that I've already got one of my nymping rods in my hand. In no particular order, that's going to be..
Scott S4 9' - 6 wt
Pennington Pine River 8' - 5 wt
or my newest addition
Sage ESN 10' - 5 wt
(I know you don't care for Sage, doesn't make you bad. Afterall Im not a fan of Orvis)
"My biggest fear is that when I pass, my wife will sell my fly rods and rifles for what I told her I paid for them." author unknown
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