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Default Re: Frustrating time casting my new rod

Originally Posted by dpreller View Post
common problem with many of todays " fast" rods. they are great lawn casters "man look how far i can cat this five weight with a five and a half line" yeah thats great but it sucks to fish with at normal ranges.alot of rods today need to be ovelined which means the arent what they say they are.
This is purely an opinion based assumption. What may not feel like the true weight of a rod to some might feel perfectly lined with others. For instance I unconsciously double haul to some degree with every single cast I make consequently loading my rod much easier than those that don't. A faster rod (for me) is a more desirable rod in almost all fishing conditions whereas others think this feel is too stiff. Tossing all line ratings aside, one must experiment with different lines to get the "feel" they prefer with any specific rod. Also, the more practice put in allows one to adapt more quickly to many different feeling rods almost making it second nature. I say practice practice practice. A great lawn caster is almost always a great river caster.
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