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Default Drag on a fly reel

OK, I am totally new to fly fishing so please forgive this question. I'm a bit confused about how drag works on a fly reel. I know from my spinning reels and baitcasters how it works as the reel will release line even when reeling in depending on how the drag is set. I'm not seeing this with a fly reel though. If you are reeling it in, no matter how the drag is set it will not release line. The only way that I can see the drag working is if you are simply not holding the crank (handle?). The crank and reel are locked in at 1:1 so no matter what that stays the same.

It's almost like my old Ambassadeur 5000C, if you want to give the fish some line you simply crank in reverse. Am I missing something regarding drag on a fly reel?
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