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Default Re: Did I get the wrong size flies???

on the missouri river here they would not be out of line.. it depends on what the experienced fly shop dealer says.. he should not steer you wrong if he wants to stay in buisiness.. go to the river and ask some friendly people what they are using. its best if you catch someone who is loading up to go,but your going to have to get out there and do some foot work and hopefully get your feet wet.. i usually get flys from a couple fly shops in the area.. in our town there are fly shops and spin reel shops.. to be sure go to the fly shop.. presentation is going to be important too. that is where you put the fly and how it acts/drifts.. on top, in the top film, just under the surface, bouncing on the bottom, or rising from the bottom.. im hardly the one to be answering the question,hopefully some others that are better than this than i am will be answering this, if they are not all gone fishing.. . dave..
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