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Default Re: Rio Smallmouth vs Orvis Smallmouth line

The biggest issue with the Rio Smallmouth line is they tried to make a line that did a whole lot of things well.

What they ended up with was a line that does indeed do a lot of things OK, but doesn't really do any one thing "great". That's exactly what the very guys who were instrumental in the design of the line say about it.

It's a really good line out to about 60' with moderate sized bugs, it mends well for hopping flies under an indicator and it casts almost by itself out to about 40' lending itself to anglers who don't have a lot of experience casting.

If you live on a Smallmouth river where you don't require long casts and the use of huge flies, it's a great line. I still personally like the SA Textured Mag better, but that's my opinion, your mileage may vary...

The Orvis Bass Taper is simply the SA Mastery Bass Bug Taper that Orvis then applies their own lubricants to and welded loops. Good line, but not in the same class as the Textured Mag Taper. Orvis does make the best welded loops in the business nowadays...

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