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Default Re: Sage Fly Rod Cosmetics

Ha, several took the "bait" and are rushing to defend their precious "green sticks". Believe it or not, I have cast and fished a ton of Winston rods, never got along with any of them, seem to be too oriented toward small dry flies and short casts. The BIIIx is the best rod they have made since the IM6 stuff, but lacks power for longer casts and bigger flies, agree that it is a very good small dry fly stick, but lacks the versatility that I am looking for. The 5pc LT's were horrible casting rods, anything past 40' was an adventure, and forget it in the wind. The BIIx and BIIt are terrrible, super soft tips that don't track well, and how many fish do you have to miss because the tips don't react before you just put the rod away in disgust. The BII-MX and BIII-SX are heavy and hingy and aren't even close to competitive in the fast rod genre. It's is pretty sorry, when the the whole Winston sales pitch for years, was that a rod only needs to be designed for a 30' cast.

I have always admired Winston's for their cosmetics, and lord knows, I have tried to like them, but have never found one that performed and fished as well as I wanted it to. I have been disappointed nearly every time that I have cast and fished one. Winston obviously has their devotees, and good for them, but I guess that I didn't drink the Kool-aid. To me they are still "style over substance".

And you all think I must be a Sage Nazi. Not true. I own and fish rods from several other manufacturers, G Loomis, Burkheimer, Thomas & Thomas, St. Croix, Beulah, and a couple of old Fenwick HMG's.

I'm kind of equivocal about the new premium Sage models, the One is an excellent, fast action, cannon, but it lacks the finesse in close and with small flies. The Circa has the opposite issues. Not sure that it is a good move to have these two, specialized series to replace the very good (IMO) Z-Axis and ZXL series that were very versatile.