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Default Re: TFO medium fast vs Winston fast

Originally Posted by jpupo74 View Post
Hi there,
I want to get a Winston GVX 5 weight. I learned on a 7w TFO professional and now need a smaller rod. I cannot test rods were I live so any help will be appreciated. I want to maker sure speed will not be too different. And more than a need, I just want a "cooler" rod
GVX is a great rod. one of the most under rated trout rods in the market. Lets keep it that way so that winston dont mark it up at $799......

I disagree with the assertion that a rod has to match perfectly to your casting stroke. Given some time and a bit of adjustment a person can get used to the positive characteristics of a fly rod.

My current rod collection range from Fiber glass, to boron, to high modulus graphite (slow to fast). I taught myself to take advantage of the strength of each of these rods. Fast action rod to pick up sink tips or punch through head wind....similarly, a delicate feather like presentation to finicky small stream trout.

what I do is try to match the rod with the right line, spend some time practice casting with it before fish with it, and try to feel the behavior of the rod. It serves me really well and I personally feel that I can cast and enjoy rods with many different type of action and characteristics.

So, if you get the GVX, slow down a bit. Get a good line and do some practice casting. you should be all set to enjoy the music of this beautiful rod.

good luck.
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