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Default Re: H2 vs H 8'6" mid flex 5 weight

Apparently, orvis and other rod manufacturers figured out that by changing some number and acronyms you can sale more rods. that is why a perfectly good rod gets discontinued and then gets slapped with a different version number or acronyms. it cost more and does not do any thing better. Although, the claims that the new version cast 12.5% farther and weighs 7.9% less has some sort of placebo effect on people with deep pocket.

In my opinion most modern rods are over engineered and way surpasses the casters abilities. I wish I could get a boomslang 2.0 for a caster for the bamboo rod that I bought 15 years ago. I would probably get 30% more distance and about 50% less weight.

in other words. Don't worry about getting the H2. Orvis did not invent any miracle between 2010 and 2013. may be a few of their employees need a bump in their salary package.
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