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Default Re: upcoming trip to the salt

[QUOTE=corb90;537179]Hello All,
In a couple of months I am taking a trip with a bunch of my buddies to Captiva Florida. We go every year and as most know, it's a pretty good fishing destination. I have been fly fishing for about a year and am planning on taking my rod and reel down with me. Ive got a 5 wt echo carbon and a lamson konic. I know most will say its too light but considering I am a college student paying out of pocket for school, a heavier rod and reel arent in the cards right now. I am also planning on going after jacks and ladyfish, not snook or anything, and have heard of people doing this on a 3wt." I can see really small Ladyfish in a closed space on a five weight but in open water you may need more. Jacks are another thing all together! Even a smallish Jack of three lbs or so will give a five weight a heck of a workout. That said, small fish of any species may be present and you should have fun by adjusting the size of your fly, etc to target them.

"Should I go sink tip, or floating and should I get some 6wt reel to help throw larger flies in the wind?" I've found floating to be best in general and going to a heavier line will help a bit in the wind at times but that depends on the rod a lot.. Good luck with your trip.
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