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Default Re: So what is it that makes one rod better than the next?

in today's rod market....any rod that cost more than about $200 surpasses my casting abilities. So, if I blindly pick up a $200 rod, it would serve me well for its intended use. All I need is some practice and get the feel of the rod.

Following is my equation for a better rod.

Made in USA/Canada/England (by fishermen for fishermen) + design (taper, blank alignment, weight distribution, flex, vibration dampening etc) + craftsmanship (cosmetics and attention to details) + aesthetics (subdued is better, read: no NRX blue accent).

I think Manufacturer's marketing does a lot to our subconscious minds when it come to buying a rod. if you put what functions makes a rod a better rod vs. what improvements the manufacturers chose to introduce over the period of last 10 years....there is a serious disconnect. Like every other aspect of our modern life, flashy things sells better. nano technology itself does not make a better rod. but, it sure gets the attention of affluent gear heads.

I love Burkheimer rods. as far as I am concerned they can make rods out of twigs and they will cast and fish better than any space age techno rod made in the far east assembly line. period.
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