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Default Re: Sage Fly Rod Cosmetics

Ok, ok... Before this degenerates any further.

My aggressive criticism of Winston and Orvis was just to make a point. I haven't found one that I cared for, so be it, but I don't denigrate those that do love them.

This entire thread was becoming a hatefest on Sage in general. Maybe some points are justified, some not so justified, and many, just a matter of taste. If you don't like Sage, fine, don't buy one or fish one. No reason to have malice toward the company or product. It is just a fly rod after all, not a radical terrorist organization.

I have fishing buddies that swear by their Winston and Orvis rods. We give each other some good natured ribbing about the rods we choose to fish. But in the end, if you love the rod you fish, and it "speaks to you" and lets you do what you want without a fuss. Fantastic. We all have our reasons to like one thing or another. Is there one "perfect" product or "right" way to suit everyone? No, thank god.

All of these manufacturers are important to the fly fishing industry and I am glad that they are all in business and continue to offer a wide range of products to suit most any fisherman.