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Default Re: Float Tube Worries

Originally Posted by busbus View Post

I know I have seen them the size of dinner plates and, possibly, a little bigger where I fish but nothing like a 100-pound freaking snapping turtle!! What did The Crocodile Hunter used to say? "Crikey!" I think.

I think you are 100% correct. I need to just experience it and, well, do it. All that **** brushing up against your legs has got to make you shiver.

The more this goes on, the more creepy it gets: trees, limbs, lily pads, garbage people may have thrown in there.

This brings up another thing I am sure I will run into: water snakes.

This is another irrational fear. For some reason, I have no problems with snakes on land. But when I see one swimming in the water, I freak out. Act like a little girl. I have never seen one more than about 3-4 feet and about the diameter of your rod handle--which isn't all that big--but I don't want to see any even 6-inches long and as fat as a pencil.
I hope this isn't taking you off topic, but have you given any thought to a canoe, or perhaps one of the light pontoon boats.

After stepping on treble hooks, two different times, while wading out there in my tube, I elected to go with canoes, and now have both a light 17' Kelvar Seda, that I can load on a TALL F250 4x4 Crew cab, and a considerably heavier 18' Wenonah that takes two of us to load, but seats both my son & I.

There are many options out there that would make for fewer worries for you!


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