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Default Re: Sage Fly Rod Cosmetics

Diver Dan - easy big boy, don't pop a vessel running me down. Be careful drawing conclusions about someone's casting ability before you have actually seen it. I'll let my casting ability speak for itself.

You like Winston, fine with me. You don't like Sage, again fine. What makes it ok for you to run Sage products down, and me to defend them and to point out the limitations of Winston (based on experience)? By the way, the guy that says he can throw a 100' with a Winston Trout Rod.... I will believe that when I see it. I know damn few that can consistently throw a 100' with any trout rod.

Just don't be flinging a bunch of poo, and talking about blank straightness and spline alignment, etc. when 99% of fly casters can't tell the difference. I have heard and seen all of it before, some guy comes in to the fly shop and looks at how straight the blank is, and nitpicks away at this and that. Take him out to cast and he is a limp wristed idiot that can't throw 30' without piling up the line. My experience is, that this guy likes a super soft rod like a Winston over a Sage, because he can't cast well enough to load the Sage.

The reason I haven't gotten rid of the Winston is that, the Winston Rep talked me into this rod and had my name engraved on it. Who wants a Winston with some other guys name on it? It also reminds me not to make that mistake again.
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