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Default Re: Float Tube Worries

Originally Posted by busbus View Post

At least I am not the only one who has done something like this. I feel a lot better!

Well, it seems like it is pretty universal. I need to address the irrational things like snapping turtles and snakes but be aware of a real issue like sinking like a rock.

If you guys hear a loud-pitched scream at some point this summer, you know it was me reacting to something like seaweed hitting the back of my leg.

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I have looked at those. I do not have access to a truck and the biggest vehicle I happen to have is a Nissan Sentra. I do not have anyplace to put a canoe at my house.

That said, I was thinking about one of these two options:

1. The Venture Outdoors VOModular® 5G: Venture Outdoors - Pontoon Boats

2. The Porta-Bote: Portabote

I really like the Porta-Bote but there is no freaking way I will spend the amount of money they want for that thing. But I can hang it on my garage wall and carry it on the side of my car!

I am looking for something that is CHEAP and VERY PORTABLE and VERY LIGHT. Neither of these satisfy everything.
These are very tough little boats!

3 of us took a trip up to Alaska, and took two of these little boats, folded up, and tucked under the wings of a float plane. We drifted back down the Dawson
River for 10 days, and these boats took a beating, but just kept going.

That being said, we bought these because other than inflatables, they were the only choice for this trip. Much easier for us to fold, than work an air pump, not to mention, easier to patch with Duct tape than repair the inflatables!!


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