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Default Re: Wet Fly Rod?

Before choosing an outfit, I set my budget at $500.00 maximum. To include rod, reel, backing, fly line and leader. Rod and reel are listed, but backing, fly line and leader are not. The rod and reel cost just under $400.00.

Rod - TFO Lefty Kreh Finesse 8'9" 3 wt.

Reel - Cortland Sterling Mid Arbor Reel, 3-5 wt.

This outfit allows me to fish longer and is easier on my wrists, shoulders and back. I have landed a 6 pounder with this rig using soft shackle, short casts and tip up with a tight line. Plenty of other fish as well.

Hope you get a set up to your liking. Plus the fish as well - WIN/WIN!

Good Luck,
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