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Default Re: Polarizing discussions

I wish we would all keep in mind that negativity, attacks on personal opinions of products, views and what have you really detract from the enjoyment of the readership. Others who are viewing the forum for the first time may think twice about joining.

A few years back, I met with a man from this site. We fished together, we shared cigars together, we discussed this site together. We agreed this site was well above another we had both FORMERLY belonged to. We even met a man from the former site that day. Even then you could sense the difference.

To the man I fished with that day, I will say this. I call him FRIEND. Rare are the times when he doesn't turn the other cheek and post an opinion.

To say brand A is better than brand Z is fine. Even to the point of fair arguement over it. To go as far as insult an individual over which brand he likes...really?

This site isn't intended for individual attacks. Others are and the internet is vast with them. PLEASE choose your posting wisely.

Yep...I'm done venting also Jaybo.

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