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Default Preparing a gift. Need your help :)


I'm trying to put together or buy a prepackaged fly outfit to give my father for his birthday. He has never done any fly fishing (plenty of fishing though) but I know he'd like to try and I also plan to include a casting class with a local instructor for him.

So, given:
- beginner level (never held a fly rod) with plenty of fishing xp.
- 9ft 5wt
- a rod that he can "grow" on
- warranty not as important because he lives in eastern Europe (I'm in the US)
- at least 4pc rod as I need to ship it.
- around $400 budget

After about 30 hours of reading about fly fishing gear (didn't know the first thing about fly fishing before) I've narrowed down my choices to:

- Cabela's RLS outfit ($135 sale - plenty of room for extras like flies/vest/bags etc, even the ODC 420UL float tube which is also on sale for 180 at Cabela's)
- St. Croix Rio Santo ($200 - same as above)
- Cabela's Stowaway 6/RLS+ combo ($260 and packs nicely)
- Albright A5-NS + Teton Classic + ?? line ($320 + ?? line)
- Winston Passport/Lamson Konic Fly Combo ($360 comes with Scientific Anglers GPX WF floating line)
- Winston Passport + Teton Classic + ?? line ($350 + ?? line)

I guess I'm not sure if it is worth getting something like the Winston Passport to a complete beginner vs something cheap like the cabela's kits and maybe after a year invest in a better setup? That being said, I doubt my dad will ever buy a second rod unless I make him another gift

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