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Default Re: alternate fly tying materials

Mylar is one of the most treasured supplies for the Fly Tyer.

Unless I am mistaken, Mylar is what "Flashabou" is made of.

Shiny Mylar can also be found in the grocery store as follows:

As the Inner Lining of a Bag of Potato Chips.

I found some of the Shiniest Silver Mylar I have ever seen, in a box of Nabisco "Teddy Grahams" this week. It's a Graham Cracker Cookie shaped like a Teddy Bear. I like Teddy Bears and Graham Crackers are good to snack on when tying, with a coffee or tea.

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Originally Posted by silver creek View Post
Just to tag a photo to post here is what JoJer means. Sulky Holoshimmer at JoAnns for thin holographic tinsel.
Click the image to open in full size.
Silver Creek, guess what? I was making my rounds yesterday, looking for this stuff in town. Hobbly Lobby first, then the Denver Fabric Store, and they suggested the Jo Ann's way down on South Broadway at Ridge Road.

The JoAnn's was out of business though. However, there was a shop called
"Creative Needle". So, expecting to be disappointed, I went in and asked for Metallic Embroidery Thread. The lady showed me some stuff, and then the Owner asked; "Are you tying flies?"
"Yep!" I said.

"Well here," she said. Here's what all the fly tyers buy."

And wouldn't you know, she sold me all kinds of Pearlescent Threads and that Dark & Rainbow colored Metallic Embroidery Thread and to top it all of, a neat product called, "Ribbon Floss, Metallic / Opal" which means OPALESCENT of course. I came out of the store feeling like a bandit.

That was just all right. Ha ha. "All the fly tiers..." she said. That was a good one.

Welcome to the world of Fly Crying
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