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Default Re: Hello from South Western Ontario...

I finally went to a shop that has more than one fly rod.

I am really torn now between a St. Croix Premiere series 9ft 6 weight and a Pflueger Trion 9ft 6 weight.

I wasn't very impressed with anthing else. I tried Fenwicks, Sages, TKO's and G Loomis. Most of which were out of my price range anyhow LOL. The store had heard of Echo but didn't have any and they seem to be hard to get in Canada unless you mail order them. Shipping for a rod is roughly 25% of the price from any retailer I have checked and that means it is way too expensive to take a chance on a rod I have not held first.... If I don't like it and have to send it back I would out 40% of the cost of the rod by the time I return ship it.

I know on paper and from what everyone I have talked to says the St. Croix will be the better investment but for some reason the Pflueger just felt like it was made for me? Unfortunately the store doesn't allow casting so I am only guessing as to how each rod will actually work for me. If confidence helps I really think I would be happier with the Pflueger. I guess I need to visit a few more shops and find one that allows a few test casts.
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