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Default New product for y'all to try.

Ok ok, it's no UV resin, and it's not that quick at drying, but this stuff seems to work well.
Click the image to open in full size.

I found this at target when searching for a 2 part epoxy for my flashback copper johns. They didn't have the epoxy so I gave this a shot. It dries like an epoxy giving you a nice rubbery thick coating and it is crystal clear just like it says. The applicator tip is great for even getting a small amount out down to a size 16 if not smaller. Of course you will still want to smear it around with your bodkin.

I can not say how well it holds up in the sun, or after being taken by a record brown, but as of now the stuff seems great. Worth a shot if you are in the market for something such as this. I believe I paid about 5 bucks for it.
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