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Originally Posted by paulm View Post
Rip tide is right, the badly polluted water is VERY WELL marked, but lots of the other cold water streams are passable for a meal now and again.

The stocked fish are, of course, safe. The Hatcheries use clean filtered water, but then the fish are a bit dumb and lacking a bit in taste from a diet of fish meal.

My own preference is for eating Brook Trout, since they demand the cleanest and coldest water, followed by Rainbow trout. Brown Trout can handle warmer water and are sometimes found with Small Mouthed Bass making them a questionable food source for me.

For small streams and rivers, I would suggest a "glass rod" as this will better handle short casts in tight places. Also a short rod is easier to handle in brushy areas. I like a 7 foot moderate action. For a reel, I would go with the least expensive one you can find. Unless you are planning on finding record size trout, LOL, you do not need a fancy drag nor very much backing.

These are my own views, and I hope they help.
Where do you fish for trouts ? i'm in belmont, mass, but i do have a car, so unless the location is really out of my way, then i should be able to give it a try.
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