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Default Re: Abel or Hatch????

Originally Posted by shotgunfly View Post
I have:

Hatch Finatic 3+ on ZG Helios 5wt
Hatch Finatic 5+ on ZG Helios 7wt

You can't go wrong with either from what I've read and seen about Abels. I don't own one but would like to.

Besides the mechanics (the reel and foot are completely integrated, no screws, and the drag is completely/truly sealed) it was the looks of the Hatch that was the deciding factor.

Hatches tend to run a little heavy as you can see for a superlight Helios rod.
I also use a 3 plus Finatic on my 4 and 5 weight Winstons. I run a 5 plus Finatic on a Scott S4 7wt. All of these rods balance nicely with the Hatch reels. I also have an Abel Super 4n that I used to use for my 5wt until I got the Hatch 3 plus. What did it for me was the Hatch's ability to easily change spools as well as the drag system. The Abel's are very very nice but I feel Hatch edges them out in terms of functionality and in my opinion are every bit as nice looking. You can't go wrong either way but I would recommend the Hatch over the Abel.
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