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Incoming, Welcome to the forum, please stay involved. I am curious about the differences between the Saltwater and equivalent size Stu Apte rods? Also, I will take your advise and check out McFarland.

Thanks S & S! What I can tell you is that the Stu Apte and SaltWater series were both great rods and similar in some ways. (I know....pretty lame answer!). I would not hesitate to buy either one, just remember that the warranty was for the original owner. Diamondback also had a line of 2 piece rods in the Saltwater series. I loved both series. For saltwater, I'm particularly fond of 2 piece rods (when feasible). The 9012 (2) piece is one of my soul mates!!! Over-lined when conditions are not gin clear/calm water and straight 12 otherwise (or a 10 or 11 weight rods when fish are not happy).

The braiding process that we used was a pain in the everything but, it sure did make for some nice looking rods!

S&S - What was your thought on these rods? I was going to give you my opinion but, it might be a bit subjective

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Anyone (incoming2oclock??) know if Carbonite DGS700 Graphite rods are Vermont or Cortland products??

gt05254 - old school Stowe Vt is your answer. The All American (made in VT) was a more recent series with sleeve-over ferrule.