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Default Re: Bobbins and bobbin threaders

Originally Posted by stimmy7 View Post
my typical MO is to either cut off what I know will work (based on past experience) or 2x that amount, then use the balance on fly #2... I generally make a SWAG, but it's pretty close! And when I use copper wire, not too concerned about what I waste...

I buy (or get free) old sets of Christmas lights, cut the wire between the bulb holders, loosely coil up the wire sections and put a twist tie around them to hold them together. You can strip off half the coating on an section when you start tying anything that needs wire. The remaining coating holds the balance of the wire "in the sheath" until you need another piece. One 25' set of lights gives me a minimum of a couple of years of wire.
That is genius. I know I have old Christmas lights lying around somewhere. Thanks for that neat tip.
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