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Default Re: Nymph fishing without indicators

You guys who are fishing without an indicator, how far away from you is your drift and how long?
I always use an indicator (when nymphing for steelhead), fishing 30 feet out and casting up river say 30 ft and drifting for maybe 40-50 ft at times, sometimes longer. Obviously depends on run and current and ability to get a drift that long. Also have to throw mends into drift at times to keep it going or to "set it up". Are you non-indicator guys throwing mends into your drifts? I have seen guys fishing for steelhead without indicators, high sticking. But what they do is a totally different thing than what is normally done. Very short, close in drifts. They are limited in where they can drift and how to work it much more than I am.
Right now of the mind that indicator fishing could be a different animal than fishing without indicator. They can over lap and ea. has its pluses and minuses.
Seems to me the limits for fishing without an indicator are much smaller than fishing with one.

School me if I'm all wet here.
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