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Default Re: Moving from Chicago to Houston, Help!!!!

Shock tippet and don't store my gear in the jeep. Got it. I guess I'm still not understanding the temperature difference just yet. Ditz thanks for the info. I haven't dealt with many toothy critters in my neck of the woods and need to increase my knowledge on the subject for sure. Glad to hear I can get away with my current setup to start and make a decision once I become better acquainted with the salt. My big complaint with my current gear, and its driving me nuts currently, is that when I toss a weighted clouser or almost any weighted fly my rod feels like a wet noodle. I'm using the med. lead eyes or smaller no larger than 6/32. Just not happy with the lack of back bone. It's a great rod for unweighted flies just not anything with a little bit of lead. That's kinda the reason I thought I might want to upgrade to have more back bone.

Thanks for the help as always. I am going to check FF for sure and start bothering those guys for info too.
Patrick Kinsella
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