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Default Ross F1 dilemma

I'm curious to get forum members' thoughts on the apparently unpopularity of the Ross F1. I say 'unpopular' because online searches provide very limited references to the F1. Furthermore, during a recent road trip through the mountain states I found only one fly shop that carried the F1 (and yes, I stopped at more than one fly shop). These factors make me to believe very few people are purchasing the F1.

While I have heard people complain about the price point and over-engineering for a trout reel, both complaints can also be said of the Hatch reels and they seem to be very popular and abundant. So what is the "reel" story here? I ask because I really like the reel's looks (the guide and nickel silver finishes are both awesome) and concept (sealed drag and carbon fiber), but wondering what I'm missing that everyone else seems to get.
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