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Default Re: Nymph fishing without indicators

I can still remember....almost 37 years ago now, when my grandfather knotted a "bow" of floating yarn onto my leader above the god ribbed hare's ear I was fishing. At age ten, it was like the heaven's opened up and the light shone down. There really were trout taking my nymph. It was VERY cold that spring, and the trout were lethargic. The takes were imperceptable to me without the indicator bow.

Today, I still carry a variety of indicators, from large to small. Thing-a-ma-bobbers to the good old floating yarn. I've fished with some of the best, well known fly slingers out there, and some that have lamentably past. Once in a while one or another would tease me a bit about using an indicator. Usually it was while they tied one on themselves.

I don't find the need to use an indicator in fast water as the take usually stops the line very perceptably. In slow, deep water, especially in very cold lethargic conditions (like steelhead waters) I definitely find it easier to detect the strikes.

Am I "Tacky".....maybe, but then again we all know what opinions are like.....we all have them, and they usually stink.

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