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Default Re: NFO boat Assault or Assault XX ?

Originally Posted by yamagibs View Post
New to the forum from Maine.
I generally fish rivers with quick, class 1 and 2 water. Some dead water to get through. Been using kayaks. How much slower to row Assault compared to Paddling Kayak?
Maybe being able to maneuver with fins is worth the tradeoff of speed on dead water. We have some shallow rivers with lots of rock.
How often will we be patching and what patch do you prefer?
Thanks for your help!
I also fish rivers...more class I than II water. I used a sit-on-top yak for years. Belong to a kayak fishing club, so get out often. Since I got the Assault, I rarely use the yak on rivers. Speed...I would say about half the speed of the yak paddling slow pools on the river. It is an easy row and I don't find it an issue. The trade off with the fins...I did not understand how big the upside would be with the fins. On the yak, I make adjustments with the paddle and fish until I get too far off of the angle I want for casting and adjust again. With the fins, I found I was subconsciously moving my feet/fins slowly to keep me in position. Also kicking to move around. Contact with the water is a great advantage. I still use my yak on lakes to spot jump quickly.
Patches...I have not needed one yet from rocks or bottom scraping. I can't see the need in the future either, as the craft material is thick and light.
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