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Originally Posted by pszy22 View Post

I agree that slow or still waters may require a more exacting pattern. I do occasionally fish some very slack water, and find that a more exact pattern does fish better than the generic patterns I fish in fast water.

Again I personally think that twitch is an important aspect. Only live stuff moves, I have to believe that fish also realize that fact.
It's no surprise slower or still water may need a close match the hatch - the fly size can tend larger in size and without more than one species. Humorously, if if I can see these flies clearly I can only imagine how well fish see them...

One stream is magnificent with a variety of deep still water with overhanging banks to nicely flowing runs. It has all the challenges, even though the fish are non-native. They are natural in this environment with a good mix of brown and rainbow trout, the fishing can get fairly selective.
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