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Default Re: Scientific Anglers L2L

Thanks for adding your 2 cents into this topic for me.

"Email and itnernet posts are known for people taking things in the wrong light." I guess so. I think part of the problem is I'm a total rookie at this and was not phrasing my question for him correctly.

"I've had some "hinging" problems (where the stiffness difference between line and leader cause poor turnover) in the past". It's funny you should post this because today was my first time out flyfishing and I noticed this as a problem for me as well. I intentionally lined my reel with the same fly line that was on the reel from my casting class I took recently. So this one has me puzzled. I'm thinking it's the loop to loop connection of the fly line to leader but I could be wrong. I was also having a difficult time getting this loop to loop connection through my top eyelet.
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