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Default Re: My first fish of 2013!

I wasn't too sure of the species at first and have been told it is a shad or chad or however it is actually spelled. But have also been told it was a chub. Frankly I don't care too much, it was just entertaining listening to a couple of salesmen at bps argue about it. Even when I left they were still at it. I have caught a smallie a few days ago, making it my first smallie of the season. Also caught a baby snapping turtle. The carp have just started moving in yesterday and today but still not feeding much. I could snag them if I wanted, but that's not my style. I'm more about the challenge not the results. I have a good day not catching anything at all. I just like competing against the native residences of the river (carp not people, I'll snag the people all day long if they get too close).

If it is definitely a chub or shad. Please let me know so I can make the salesmen argue again and I can get my fly tying materials in peace and quiet. LOL
Patrick Kinsella
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