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Default Re: What Is The Difference...and Why?

I was intrigued by the word "tenkara" so I did a bit of searching and was surprised to see that when I was a kid fishing for brook trout in tiny streams, I was "tenkara" fishing. Using a branch or a cane pole is about the best way to fish a small stream in heavy bush. Ok....I do admit to being a bit more modern by using a spinning rod, an old fly reel and some old fly line to which I add about 2 feet of mono-filament. I either use a fly or just a plain hook and bait. The reel is more of a storage device for the line and does make it easier to adjust the length of the line. Often, it's a question of poking the rod through some bushes and then letting out line until the bait or fly enters the water. Very often, the brookies jump out of the water and grab the bait or fly before it hits the water.

I don't think that I would go all the way and make tenkara type flies because there are lots of common flies that do an excellent job. Actually, anything works when fishing for brook trout in tiny streams.
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