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Default Re: Scientific Anglers L2L

Results of my test: I found everything Doug said is true, though the strike indicator benefits for me was marginal. Mostly because 1) The connector happens to be the same color as my line (lime yellow) so it didn't stand out as well; 2) my eyes aren't as good as they used to be; 3) the casts were getting so much better that I couln't see that far anyway!

I was casting into a slight wind, and there were some trees behind me limiting my backcast, but I'd say the casts were going 15-20% farther with less effort, and much better turnover. I was using a 7.5' 3-4 wt rod, and was getting nice 35-40 foot casts, which is pretty good for me with that tackle and conditions. I'm confident I can do better with plenty of space, or from a boat.

The connector did improve the floating, too. It stayed on top nicely when using dries or un-weighted nymphs. It broke below the film slightly when I used a beadhead wooly bugger, but certainly less than with the nail-knot connection. (I'm using a pretty low-cost line, and the tip tends to sag; I hope to get better line soon.)

I had no problems with the connector catching on the guides, but I didn't catch any large fish to make that last run right at the end.

BTW, I also managed to catch a couple smallmouths and a few panfish during the test.
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