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Default Re: New here... Need some help!

Don't go over the top with your first (or second) fly rod. There are a lot of other expenses involved with getting started: waders, boots, line leaders et al ad nausium.

There are a lot of decent to good quality rods out there of under $200. A good line, excellent form and a decent rod will catch you more fish than a million dollar rod the wrong line and casting "S"'s.

Try to find someone locally, even hit up a local guide service. Most people are willing the share what they know for the most part, sans a few secrets they take to the grave.

Learn to tie you own leaders. It's not hard, and the practice with blood knots will come in handy. Just learning you will go through leaders almost as fast as you loose flies. A $60 Maxima leader kit is good for a whole lot of leaders and suddenly becomes very inexpensive when you start adding up all those $4-$6
you end up picking up a little too regularly.
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