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uote=fredaevans;542244]Had the opportunity to cast one late last fall (a 6wt I think). Anyway, the rod had a custom cut line done by Steve Godshall here in Medford. Thing was like casting bullets.

ZING! And out the flies would go. So, if that one is representative of the line, I think you're in good shape.

Back to Steve for a moment. His CC's won't cost you a penny more than something off the shelf but each is an individual line designed for "The Rod," the fish to be chased, the conditions that would be the norm, your style of casting (and that's damned important!!), etc. Or in other words, you and I have the same rod but different fishing situations. The odds of you and I getting the same line are pretty small.

But as to 'rods for all Seasons' described above I'd suggest three: A 3wt (if available) for trout (anything else is just too heavy), a 5 for Steelhead and an 8 for really 'big stuff/water.' The first two may seem 'light' but (roughly) a 2hander rod designation will be about two rod weights above the 'same number' in a single hander.

Or one other option is to contact Bob Meiser (R B Meiser Rods) and have him build you one of his 3/4/5's. (Have one and LOVE IT!!). Ask Steve to build you a 3wt and a 5wt line and you've got two of the rod weights I've mentioned above in one stick. (Grain range on the rod is 250 - 400.)


Steve Godshall=541 840 2594[/quote]

Fred, Thank you so much! So I'll go with the Allen's and give Steve a call. Now I'm really excited! Once they arrive, I'll take some Spey casting lessons from Jeff Putnam I plan to really learn these rods, because from what I've read and seen I believe they will really up my game.
-Tom Wilson
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