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Default Re: Winter Smallmouth

Originally Posted by leftys brother View Post
Atta Way Pkins44! I almost forgot what they look like.
I'm envious!
Interesting. I was holding off on fishing Craw. patterns until later in the year. Guess I better reevaluate.

1.5" rain in the last 24 hours here. Rivers up a foot and climbing!

Which brings up other questions.
What is the relation of fish in general SM in particular to rising and falling water?
I am under the impression that at the start of rising water fish activity increases and then decreases at some mystical point. Also that activity is diminished during the fall of the water level after a rise?
I have been under the impression from different articles I have read. In rivers after it rains the fishing is usually better. This is because the rain sweeps more forage into the river and makes some areas that are inaccessible ,during low or normal water levels, now easier for fish to get to. In my personal experiences fishing in and after the rain the fish usually tend to bite a little more. One of the reasons I keep my yellow rain gear in the jeep. Although I have read that fishing ponds and lakes after the rain does not have the same effect on the fish. The rain will make the water cloudy and without currents to clean the water the fishing slows down quite a bit.

As far as the increase of water level during the fall or early spring I am not sure. If I had to guess, I would think that the added water level would increase the temp of the water. Not sure though, as well as I am not an expert. I just try to offer my .02.
Patrick Kinsella
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