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Default Worm problem!

I've been fly fishing for a year and a half now. From my log book I know that I fish 172 days per year. I have fished through 8 releases. I nymph, dry fly, swing wets and streamers. I catch trout in all months but August. I did not fish this mid March release because because of the following pattern I have learned. Fish get released and I can catch upwards of 10 per day. The release attracts many worm fishermen. If a worm fisherman or corn or dyed sparkle dough guy comes around I get nothing while they get 10. An hour after they leave I may get one for the rest of that day. The following day I can catch again until they show up. Like a switch was thrown all action stops for me yet 3 worm guys next to me can catch continuously. Can I get better and overcome this or is this the way it is?

Thanks Stewart
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