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Default Re: New Here and Need Some Line Help

Originally Posted by glcaddis View Post
I've owned a lot of different fly lines over the years. Currently, I think the Airflo ridge lines are among the best for general use. Most of the major US makers are getting so specialized that it is hard to separate the chaff from the wheat. If I were an occasional user, I'd gravitate back to the Cortland 444 series lines. They are soft and easy to cast and tend to be cheaper than the others.
I hear you on the over specialized thing. That's a big part of what is hanging me up right now. Waiting to find "rainy day line", "sunny day line" and "chance of rain line".

Not so keen on the idea of buying a Cortland line which was made by someone else. Cortland ceased being a company an while ago and sold off some of their products.

Did get a chance to cast an SA Mastery distance line on my #7 yesterday. Was an #8 line. "Sweet spot" for me was 62' of line (and that was with a pickup off the lawn which is still winter brown). Definitely changed my mind about long-bodied lines.
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