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Default Re: Any experience with Orvis Helios / Hardy Sintrix??

Hello Fly Fishing Friends,

Here a short update of my plan to buy a fine rod for dry fly fishing (or fine nymph fishing) at small rivers (I posted this article in Paulīs thread too):

Last Thursday I went to a dealer who sells Hardy and Orvis. Unfortunately he did not have the 3wt. rods in his store, just the 4wt. rods.

But anyhow I was focused on the Hardy first. But when I have seen the finish of the Hardy rod I was a little bit dissabpointed with the finish of the Hardy rod. At the end cap of the rod was too much glue, which was welled out. And the upper part of the reel retainer was made out of plastic. The Hardy rod was made in Korea, but even my Orvis Frequent Flyer rod are made in Korea, but they have a much better finish. It seems that Hardy was not very carefull with their controll of their incomming goods

The Orvis (mid flex) rod was much better made, a really nice rod. And even the 4wt rod was good for the fine dry fly fishing. When I think on the 3wt. I am pretty sure that this is what I want - A fine rod for small rivers for fine dry fly fishing

I also checked a Sage full flex 3wt. rod, but I feel better with a mid flex rod. The full flex was to soft in my opinion.

My conclusion: I am going to buy an Orvis Helios 7ī6"/3wt. midflex rod when I will be the next time in the USA. Here I will take the combo with an Orvis Mirage LA I reel in gold
Best regards from Germany,

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