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Cool Re: Poons!!!

I've fished that area for Tarpon for several years now and like the above, found myself wading for the largest part..... I did tow a boat down one year only to have it succumb to motor problems, and another year a friend offered a boat ride but due to illness that didn't work out, so shorebound it is. Fishing with sharks is a reality anytime you are wading and best advice is to keep it real shallow and cast to the deeper channels flowing by. Loads of flats/channels like that in the lower keys. One thig that helps is to carry a boogie board with a basket attached on top. Swim the boat channel that's always present next to the road and that gets you to the flats beyond. Once there get your gear out of the basket and anchor your board and go for it. Worry about the sharks when you have a fish on, or when you've sighted one but other than that I dove with them for a half a century with no ill effects.
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