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Nickj and others, thanks for the responses. The san juan was the first thing I tried. With bead, w/o, with split shot 14" above. I never even got a hit. Prehaps I don't fish it right?

I live on and fish the nissequoque river, it has a 60ft dia pool 8 ft deep at center with a 3ft fall feeding it, some riffles, and a 3ft deep run under a bridge. I am very lucky to put on waders in my yard and walk to fish. I do also fish the C&R's as mentioned. I do avoid weekends, but I consider this a challenge.

I consider myself a new fly fisherman with much to learn. I was hoping for a technique or fly that would make it so that I don't have to leave the pool when the worm/corn/dough (sometimes all 3 at once on the same hook) arrive. The way they fish puzzles me. Trout like to hold and let the current bring them food right? Do they "cruise" the bottom and actively seek out weighted dough and worms. Their success baffles me. They throw a weighted worm and then stand and wait, sometimes upwards of twenty minutes, but they almost always catch and sometimes release.

Today I fished a run for some time. There are stockies in for two weeks now. Nymphs then streamers, nothing. No sooner than I left a trout feel victim to a weighted worm from a fisherman who waded in like he wanted to scare the fish. How How How? I dug up 3 worms, the first meager little things I found and put one on a #12 BH hares ear. Got a trout, he was gut hooked so I cut the tippet. I put the second worm on a #12 BH pheasant tail got a second brown as quickly as the first. Again gut hooked. I threw the third worm in the river and vowed never to do that again.

So I gather there are times when fly fishing just won't out perform bait. Basically we fly guys avoid such places?

Do you think a flyman exists that could out fish these guys in the same pool. I want to be that guy!

Thanks again, Stewart

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