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Default Re: Double Haul.... Won't.....

Originally Posted by kc8qvo View Post
I read down through this thread and watched the video there. That is the same exact noise I get on my 6wt with Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Titan Taper line. I used to use an older version of Orvis's WFF-6wt trout line, similar to what the Access series is today = slick. The SA Titan Taper is textured and it sounds identical to the noise on the video.

That having been said, regarding putting different line on your rod navycop - what kind of fly were you using that you feel is dragging too much? My guess is a streamer or terrestrial of some sort.

My 6wt rod was nearly my only fly rod for the past 8 years. I had cheap 8wt but only cast it a couple times a year. The biggest drawback I had with my 6wt was it didn't have much steam for bigger flies. Recently I picked up a 4wt rod and put trout line on it, so that took over my small fishing needs, and I picked up the SA Titan Taper line for my 6wt. I did not think changing the line would make THAT much of a difference but I was willing to give it a try, and boy am I glad I did. The Titan Taper line transformed the rod totally. It is not a monster fly rod, by any means, but within the limits of what I was casting on the rod before I switched lines the new line is a whole new experience. I can cast the streamers I used to have trouble casting in calm weather even in the wind now and still put them where I want.

The one big difference I felt when I switched line is the thick shooting head on the Titan Taper. It feels like casting a lump with small flies (nymphs, dries) and tends to tug the rod when I haul it. Bigger flies smooth it out. I am real happy with it overall. Until I get a heavier weight rod my 6wt is a wonderful rod to fish with.
It was a clouser minnow. A big bass hook, I think a 4/0. I am thinking of upgrading to a better quality line, and upsizing one size too. I think the bit of extra weight will help load the rod a bit better. Plus, slicker line would really help. This is even hard to strip in sometimes as it feels like it is grabbing the guides....

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