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Default Re: Rio Smallmouth vs Orvis Smallmouth line

Originally Posted by leftys brother View Post
How do the SA mag taper and the Rio Outbound Short compare?
Thank You,
Rio Outbound is clunky and the running line is of very poor quality in my opinion...

The Mag Taper allows you to do one quick shot and let her fly or the ability to carry more line outside the rod tip and therefore be a little more accurate at distance. You cannot carry a lot of line outside the rod tip with the Outbound line as it is a very short head.

In my opinion, there is no comparison...

In normal smallmouth fishing weather the Rio Smallmouth taper fly line is not coily, but very well could be in colder temps this time of year, I only used it in the heat of the Summer...

The SA Titan Taper and the Rio Outbound would be somewhat similar lines, they are more of a fire and forget type of line designed to shoot a lot of running line, however the Titan Taper is much less clunky than the Outbound and the running line is a LOT better in my opinion.

The SA Mag Taper will do "fire and forget" casting well, but also allows you the option of carrying more line outside the tip, this translates to more accurate distant casting and allows for more line control...

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